Brazilian Portuguese made for YOU!

Language learning can no longer be based only on assumptions or trial and error: time is a luxury item for anyone who chose to live in a big city. In order to achieve that, YOUR needs must set the foundation of your learning experience!

Olá, tudo bem? We are 2Soul Language School.

2Soul is about transforming people’s lives through language learning. This is our satisfaction and mission. We will be pleased to help you surpass whatever language and cultural barriers you have.
Through a fully-customizable content aimed at your very specific needs, preferences and cultural environment, you will quickly apply your new skills with confidence among native Portuguese speakers in real-world scenarios such as shopping, directions, eating out, hanging out with friends, professional settings, etc.

We are all ears for YOU!

The conversation not about us, but rather, it is about what’s best for YOU and YOUR DREAMS, and we’ll guide you all the way through to make them real!



It’s your learning plan, based on your needs and preferences. This saves you time by accelerating your learning and keeping you motivated.



Do your classes anywhere by being able to have them 100% online: at home, at the office, hotel, café, etc. Also, no need to carry textbooks aynwhere as it is fully accessible wherever there is an internet access.



By having the online option, this immediately gives you flexibility of schedule and place. Stuck in traffic or an unexpected meeting? No problem! Let us know in advance and we’ll re-schedule another time.


Just the right Portuguese teacher

The online lessons gives you plenty of options for teachers to choose from. Looking to learn the way of the Paulista (São Paulo), the Carioca (Rio) or the way of the South, to name a few, we’ll look for that!

Your Brazilian Portuguese journey starts here!

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The 2Soul Team

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Adriano Silva

Founder e CEO

Language lover since childhood and a geek since a yougster, this is a dream come true to unite people speaking the same language. He’s been teaching English and Portuguese por more than 10 years in addition to a 20+ years in the high technology sector.

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We are all ears for YOU.

2Soul Language School is about YOU. We’ll provide you the right resources to unleash your potential. We are here for you through the following contact information below.


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